Milan Stone™ does marketing in natural stones in forms of blocks, slabs or cut-to-size plus finishings according to customers’ requests.


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"A.A. Trading S.r.l.," activated under the name brand of "Milan Stone", is an international company in building material supply and natural stone exporter.


Located in Italy, the cradle of culture, art and beauty, “A.A. Trading S.r.l.”, has a mission to combine the beauty, patterns, and colors of the nature to satisfy the available market of such an art-loving land. Here in “A.A. Trading S.r.l.” we and our subsidiary companies give high values to the products produced with the state-of-the-art technologies and their international marketing to continue our successful presence in the international natural stones markets with customer demands finishing and cut-to-size applications.
To achieve this, “A.A. Trading S.r.l.,” aims to expand its import and export categories to register the great annual records for the business of a complete ranges of high qualified types of building materials including stone block, stone slabs, tiles, paver, ceramics, pipes & fittings, etc . This goal will help us to be recognized as a real international construction clinic in the heart of Europe.

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