Emotion Sea Marble

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Emotion Sea Crystal is a very unique and colorful marble of Iran. The color theme includes blue, grey, white, red, and even green colors.

The crystalline material of this stone has caused it to have a very good sub and gloss so that it reflects a very good light and despite the very superior analysis, it is considered as one of the top crystalline stones in Iran and the world.

It can be produced by both cross-cut and vein-cut.

Emotion Sea has good abrasion resistance and has a low water absorption percentage. The use of

One of the features of the Emotion Sea is its high compressive strength and low water absorption.


Water AbsorptionGravityPorosityCompressive StrengthAbrasion Resistance
Emotion Sea0.382.661.1116653.3

General Applications:

The interior walls of the building, Toilets and bathrooms, Interior decoration, Paving & Floor stones of office complexes, Kitchen table and counter, wall and floor of the lobby of stylish buildings and hotels

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Countertop, Outdoor


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